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The History Of: 

St. Paul United Methodist Church

Two centuries ago, in 1797, a small group of Christians committed to the teachings of John Wesley organized a Methodist Episcopal Church in the little frontier village of Chambersburg. Meeting in the Market Street home of Daniel and Ellen Maderia, they invited others to join them in learning to love God and their neighbors. The first Bishop of Methodism, the Reverend Francis Asbury, appointed a Circuit Rider, the Rev. Charles Burgoon, to shepherd this small but determined group.

This congregation grew and became a strong Christian witness to the people of Chambersburg, proclaiming God's love, forgiveness and healing grace to all. For two centuries and in 5 congregational buildings, the St. Paul Church has faithfully ministered the Good News of Jesus Christ to the community of Chambersburg and beyond.

The ongoing characteristics of our history reflect a continued passion to help people. Missions has always been a central guiding principal in the decision making and future planning of the congregation. Built in the late 1990s our current site was designed with mission in mind. There is a distinctive space for our Christ honoring Child Care Center and multiple rooms for community groups to use. Such groups currently include AA, Al Anon, Weight Watchers, Health Groups, and Fundraising non-profits. This mission heritage is why our current Vision statement reads that we are to "Love God, and Love Others by Meeting Common Needs."

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