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Protecting Your Children:

We require our employees and volunteers (who work with children) to have the appropriate training and the proper up to date acquired clearances.

1. St. Paul UMC has a written policy and related procedures regarding the protection of children from all kinds of abuse including sex abuse. The policy and procedures are entitled: Safe Sanctuary Policy. the policy and procedures direct how staff and volunteers who work, or may work, with children are selected, appointment and evaluated. See link above for policy and procedures.


2. The SPRC and Church Council reviews church policy annually.  The annual review is the responsibility of the respective chairs of each committee.


3. Your child will be with at least 2 adults during all sponsored activities and events including but not limited to nursery care during worship services, Sunday School classes, etc.


4. All staff is required to have a complete PA Act 151 Child Abuse Clearance, PA Act 34 criminal background check and FBI criminal background clearance. No person with a finding of child abuse as indicated in these clearance documents shall be employable by St. Paul UMC. No volunteer that has a report that indicates findings of child abuse shall be allowed to work with children.


5. Recommendations from previous employers are required of all staff as a condition of employment.


6. All staff is required to submit a complete and signed "Background and Code of Conduct Questionnaire." This document is included in each staff members' personnel file. 


7. Church staff and volunteers are required to hold a certificate of completion of Safe Sanctuaries training consistent with PA Department of Welfare child protective services law.


8. Required criminal and child abuse background check documents are included in staff personnel files and volunteer files and are available upon your request. Keeping these documents current, or up to date, is the responsibility of the staff member and volunteers.


9. The Pastor will report suspected child abuse as required by PA Department of Welfare child protective services law.


10. Safe Sanctuaries Training is provided annually. Safe Sanctuary Representative keeps a list of people trained on file.


11. A comprehensive complaint procedure has been established and is included in the Safe Sanctuary Policy.

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